Karacol Magic System

more comfort & balance in your yoga practice

The system distributes the weight and reduces hips, knees & ankles stress

It gives stability to the practitioner by helping to straighten the back and promote blood circulation.

The cushions adapt to the body and offer good support thanks to their unique filling.

Yoga cushions protect knees and ankles during meditation.

The seat cushions have 2 inner cushions, 3 heights in one meditation cushion.

Knee & ankle cushions can be used as support in some yoga postures.

Karacol Mágico System consists of 3 types
of yoga cushions

One cushion to sit on

Two knee cushions

Two ankle cushions

Karacol Mágico meditation cushions


The filling of the cushions is lightweight and makes them easy to transport to the yoga studio or meditation retreats.

It is a mixture of organic millet and spelt hulls, coated in organic natural rubber.

Hypoallergenic: the natural rubber makes the shells dust-free and reduces the risk of allergies.


3 heights in the same cushion, sitting cushion has 2 inner cushions with different heights.

Easy to change height to adapt it to your needs of flexibility/support by removing one of the inner cushions.

The 100% organic cotton cover is easy to wash and has a zip.

Molds to your shape

The filling distributes weight and helps to straighten up the spine and maintain circulation.

Gives good support to the practitioner, does not sink into the cushion when sitting.

You can also adjust the height before using it for the first time by removing the filling from the inner covers, which have a zip.

Its unique filling consists of organic millet and spelt mixture, dipped in natural rubber. It does not generate dust, which means a significant reduction in the risk of allergies for many sensitive users.

The knee and ankle cushions have only organic spelt hulls dipped in natural rubber.

The millet and spelt husks are bathed in organically grown natural latex from rubber tree sap. It penetrates the shell maintaining its shape. The surface of the shell is not sealed so it remains porous and breathable.
The rubber will not fall apart or fall off if it gets wet with sweat.

This procedure makes the shell:

Very resistant because it protects it against breakage and wear and tear due to the use of the cushion.

It helps to make the cushions ergonomic. And it offers an airy environment.

The natural rubber latex used is sourced from ecologically managed plantations and purchased according to fair trade criteria.

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