Sat Nam Rasayan

Sat Nam Rasayan

Sat Nam Rasayan - helps to restore health, vitality and balance.

It is a technique from yoga that uses meditation to help restore a person's health, vitality and balance on the physical, emotional, mental and energetic levels.

During the session, the meditator enters into a deep meditative state and puts himself in relationship with the person and allows the sensations that are happening without analyzing or judging them.

Since 2008 I have been practising the Sat Nam Rasayan technique. The teachings have helped me to face challenges and have given me emotional stability and mental focus. With practice I became aware that it had switched off like a little machine, like an internal clock, which was constantly making me restless or anxious. One day it was turned off for good and gave way to feelings of more serenity and inner peace in my daily life. I have been able to put these teachings at the service of others through individual SNR sessions.

The face-to-face or remote session lasts 1 hour.

Sat Nam Rasayan, from Sanskrit, means "deep relaxation into your true identity", into who you are, your essence.

"Sat Nam Rasayan is an essentially experiential technique, which allows you to develop a very strong state of awareness and active silence" Guru Dev Singh, Master of Sat Nam Rasayan & Kundalini yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Founder of the School of Sat Nam Rasayan.

Master, Guru Dev Singh, thank you for the inspiration you gave us with your example of strength and wisdom. And for showing me the way to find and maintain silence.

"One of life's greatest blessings is to have someone, a parent, a friend, a teacher, maybe just a passing acquaintance, who really sees you exactly as you are, without judgement. Being seen in that way frees you and opens the space for you to fully express your gifts.... Guru Dev Singh gave us the precious gift of our true selves and our dreams.

We have mixed emotions about his death, from sadness to gratitude for his presence in our lives. It was from him that we learned to hold silence and emptiness in peace, allowing truth and life to illuminate our worlds" Jeffrey Cohen.

*Based on the definition of SNR of the Sat Nam Rasayan Association - Spain.

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