My name is Claudia. In this space I put at your disposal bags and cushions that I designed thinking about the needs of yoga and meditation practitioners.

I observed these needs in teaching yoga classes and in talking to and with my colleagues at retreats. I take great care in the whole elaboration process and look for quality materials, preferably environmentally friendly.

You'll also find aromatherapy oils from Guru Dev Sing

Elaborated with different formulas for specific objectives that help to find balance and peace. I have used them for years and they have helped me a lot both when I am at home and when I travel and share them with my loved ones. I realized that I had to make them available to more people because they really help you feel good, that’s why you can find them in the store.

Since 2008 I have been practising the Sat Nam Rasayan technique.

It is a technique from yoga that uses meditation to help restore a person’s health, vitality and balance on the physical, emotional, mental and energetic levels. The in-person or remote session lasts 40 minutes, if you wish to book a session please contact us.

When the pandemic began, my desire to share what I have learned from my teachers and my yoga and meditation practice online intensified.

For me it is not easy to have this exposure, however I feel that at this time we must open spaces and make available to people who can see and practice through this medium techniques that help them to be well emotionally, mentally and physically. Practice helps me to stay healthy and face the challenging situations of life, as one of my teachers used to say: it is your surfboard so you don’t get tossed around by the wave of life’s challenges. I hope it is for you too.


Kundalini Yoga Teacher (AEKY).

PhD in Education and Society (UB).

Master's Degree in Education for Citizenship and Values (UB).

Master Business Administration (IE).

Bachelor's Degree in Marketing (ITESM)

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Classes: Kundalini yoga – Meditation – Yoga for Children

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